Zero Trust in the Context of Browser Security - July 16th
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Introducing cloud-based data loss prevention with Menlo Security

Safeguarding Internet access is a significant problem for most businesses. In a recent Verizon Study, 6.2 percent of all data breaches result from browser-based attacks. These attacks, including watering-hole and drive-by downloads, can be costly and might lead to massive damage to an organization’s reputation.The highly distributed nature of the modern workplace makes secure endpoint access challenging. Many enterprises elect to use a hub-and-spoke network model to connect devices back to HQ’s data center so users can securely access the Internet along with a variety of scanners, sandboxes, or other anti-malware mechanisms.

Unfortunately, that paradigm relies on probabilistic malware detection, which searches for patterns in data to sort “the good” from “the bad.” These models do not always work because they were designed to rely on detection rather than innovating a new process to stop malware entirely.

Secure Internet for your endpoints

Our Secure Internet solution transforms the way that enterprises protect users from today’s advanced cybersecurity threats. This product uses a combination of our cloud proxy and cloud isolation technologies to provide malware-free Internet access without lag. Cloud-based isolation works by rewriting incoming web and email code to make active content inert before sending the information to the endpoint device. Our proprietary isolation technology achieves secure Internet access for users with virtually no lag, providing a native browsing experience.

Contact Menlo Security today to learn how Secure Internet can provide safe, cloud-isolated access for your network.

For more information, please read our data sheet or solution brief.

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