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AU-gmenting cybersecurity: Equipping businesses in ANZ for big changes

A wave of prominent cyberattacks in Australia and New Zealand such as those that hit DP World Australia, Optus, and Medibank—has underscored the importance of bolstering cybersecurity and is leading to sweeping reforms. But even as organizations in ANZ embark on this transformative journey, there is one enormous threat that security leaders are overlooking.

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Browser Security: A large gap in your defense

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The browser is central to business

Employees spend over 75%* of their work day on web browsers. The centrality of the browser to the modern workplace makes securing it a necessity.

*According to a Forrester study

But browsers are unprotected

Existing security solutions such as EDRs, firewalls, and SWGs cannot defend browsers against a growing tide of highly evasive and adaptive threats, resulting in ransomware and zero-hour attacks.

Replacement Browsers are not the solution

Attempts at securing browsers by switching to a replacement browsers are expensive, and require complex integrations. They can be inefficient and even increase risk.

Cloud-Driven Browser Security is…

…a solution that

  • Offers more effective protection and compliance
  • Ensures greater user experience and productivity
  • Enhances SecOps efficiency
  • Safeguards businesses in ANZ against data loss from generative AI
What's the risk? Browser Security: What’s the solution? See what it looks like

Browser Security: What’s the risk?

Why are browsers vulnerable? What are they vulnerable to? Why can’t existing tools address these risks? What’s the impact of not managing these risks? How does Browser Security tie into larger Zero Trust and digital transformation agendas? Learn answers to these questions and more.

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What’s the best approach to protecting the browser?

The browser represents an enormous gap in the cybersecurity defenses of companies in ANZ. Threats that come via the browser—and result in ransomware and phishing attacks—cannot be detected by solutions you have already invested in such as firewalls, EDRs, or SWGs. So what's the solution? It likely isn't the answer you think it is. Download this whitepaper and find out.

Browsing blind: Understanding the dangers of limited browser visibility

How big is the cybersecurity hole created by browser vulnerabilities? Is it worth the time and effort of busy IT leaders in ANZ to figure out how to plug it? Here's the short answer: Yes, because the popularity of the browser has made it the world's most common attack vector. Read further to estimate the risk to organizations in ANZ.

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Browser Security 101: Provide secure access and data

Browser security strategy stands on three legs: Managing the browser, protecting users, and securing access. Learn how you can achieve the last goal on any browser, on any device/OS, and anywhere in the world.

Browser Security 101:
How to safely manage enterprise browsers

If you are like most enterprises in ANZ, your employees probably use popular browsers like Chrome or Microsoft Edge. But did you know that there are hundreds of settings on these browsers? How does your team manage settings, permissions, extensions, and version updates—at scale? Find out.

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Browser Security 101: Protect users from rising cyber threats

Browsers are the number target for Internet-based threats. Find out why, even with the best software teams, browsers are still vulnerable to zero-day exploits. And how you can protect your users.

The forgotten layer of securing digital transformation

Your organization is becoming cloud centric. And your users spend more time on browsers. But most existing security solutions aren’t up to the task of defending your business in this new paradigm. Discover what browser security strategy is, how it defends against attack frameworks like Socgholish, and how cloud-based browser security can eliminate these threats.

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The ultimate guide to preventing highly evasive threats

Browsers are most vulnerable to a growing tide of highly evasive adaptive threats (HEAT). But what are they? And why can’t traditional web security measures detect and stop them? Learn what distinguishes this class of threats with easy-to-understand examples.

What's the risk? Browser Security: What’s the Solution? See what it looks like

Browser Security: What’s the Solution?

What is cloud-based browser security? Why is it better than a strategy of deploying enterprise browsers? How does it work and what does it entail from an integration standpoint? Which companies have tried it and how successful have they been? Get all the answers you need.

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Browser security is the key to stopping ransomware attacks

Much of the success of today's ransomware attacks hinges on weak browser security. Uncover the methods attackers use to exploit browser vulnerabilities—and discover how cloud-based browser solutions create a formidable barrier against such threats.

Detect and block highly evasive threats with HEAT Shield

Explore how HEAT Shield can elevate your cybersecurity. Tailored to combat browser-based threats, it's engineered to shield organizations in ANZ from ransomware, phishing and zero-hour attacks. Plus, it integrates with existing security stacks ensuring seamless defence. Learn about its benefits and how it works.

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Protect work by eliminating threats with Menlo Security Browser Isolation

Uncover the key features and benefits of Menlo Security Browser Isolation. Learn how it offers security teams the visibility and control they need to enable Zero Trust, while enhancing user experience. Achieve freedom without fretting.

What's the risk? Browser Security: What’s the Solution? See what it looks like

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