Declared an innovator and leader for Secure Web Gateways (SWG) by Frost and Sullivan

Why Menlo

Make the Internet a worry-free, work-freely place.

Traditional security approaches are flawed, costly, and overwhelming for security teams. Menlo Security is different. It’s the simplest, most definitive way to secure work—making online threats irrelevant to your users and your business.


With a Zero Trust isolation layer that shields workers from malicious content and malware, your entire workforce is protected from everything that’s coming at them online.

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Our platform security operates invisibly in the background while everyone safely browses; shares files; and uses email, SaaS, or private applications. No limitations, no interruptions.

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We hide complexity and optimize costs. Security teams no longer have to worry about managing racks of appliances, zero-day patches, or alert storms. Instead they can move fast and focus on the business. A win-win.

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Meet the platform that makes malware a memory.

Elastic Isolation Core

Don’t chase after threats via detect and response. Isolation is the power behind our platform, neutralizing malware before it gets in. Every time.

Elastic Edge

Avoid degraded user experiences. Our platform is built to deliver unlimited scalability, session continuity, and 99.9995% availability. On any cloud.

SWG & SASE Security

Banish malware. Only our cloud-native, converged SWG and CASB platform puts security into SASE and keeps malware from reaching users. Entirely.


of attack vectors avoided


reduction in SecOps alerts


breaches from email and web


protection against browser patching delays

Our customers trust our Zero Trust approach.

At Menlo Security, we set out to solve the biggest security challenges for leading organizations around the globe.




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