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Why it’s Important

Conventional threat prevention products attempt to distinguish between ‘good’ content and ‘bad’ content, and then implement policies intended to allow the good content and block the bad. This approach is ineffective in eliminating malware because attackers continuously innovate and find ways to avoid detection. The results are costly:

  • False positives block users from accessing legitimate content, which compromises productivity, generates requests for re-classification of blocked content and creates security alerts that have to be analyzed by the IT security team. 
  • False negatives allow malware and phishing attacks to reach users and their devices, which can lead to breaches and significant losses via data theft and fraud.

Security professionals are locked in a cat-and-mouse struggle with smart, motivated, well-financed attackers, and every generation of detection-based prevention technology sparks a new generation of attacks that evade defenses.  It’s time for a new approach.



100% safety via isolation
Ground-breaking solution stops the never-ending search for risky content

Seamless end-user experience
Safely empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience

Cloud simplicity and scale
Reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating end-point software and out-dated appliances

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