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What are the benefits of VDI replacement?

Secure Remote Access & VDI replacement

Legacy solutions aren’t equipped to support the modern workforce. To ensure a productive and happy workforce, organizations need to deliver fast, seamless, and secure access to their enterprise applications.

The concept of virtualizing desktops has been around since the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2005, when VMware first demonstrated the concept of a connection broker, that VDI entered the limelight. Since then, there have been many changes in desktop virtualization and, while VDI has helped organizations for many years, today there are many more options that can better support our modern workforce in terms of web application access.

Our modern workforce

Organizations no longer only consist of employees coming into the office every day, but instead have employees working remotely across the globe and contractors. The perimeter as it was has disappeared and users are now the new perimeter, wherever and however they work. Additionally, browser based applications are where your users are most vulnerable – typical enterprise workers are spending 75% of their time using their web browser.

This new modern workforce means centralized security won’t work and won’t scale – you need security that is cloud-native to protect all users, the data and applications they use, and how they communicate. Organizations need consistent policies for all users regardless of location, however to be truly effective this security has to be:

  • Scalable to support rapid changes in user traffic as and when needed
  • Zero-trust to ensure that the pitfalls of detect and respond don’t result in a successful attack
  • Converged to be able to support multiple security needs including email, web, isolation, CASB and DLP
  • High performance so that security is invisible to end users

Without security transformation, digital transformation can drive business, but adversely impact security or performance.

What is Zero Trust Network Access?

The problems with VDI

Organizations are looking to deliver applications and services to their end user workforce simply, securely, and cost effectively. However, organizations considering or currently relying on Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will come across the following problems:

  • Requires a large upfront investment and a considerable amount of time.
  • Operating systems have to be hosted in an on-premises environment.
  • Requires extensive desktop maintenance, security, network and storage resources.
  • Enable access but lack application or user level security.

How to deliver reliable access with Menlo Security

Organizations need fast, seamless and secure access to their enterprise applications. Menlo Security delivers safe access to internal web applications without the need of an agent, saving both time and resources. With Menlo Security, organizations can overcome the limitations of legacy solutions while delivering support for a modern workforce.

What makes Menlo Security different?

What makes Menlo Security different from others in the market is that Menlo provides security to users by using our isolation layer. This provides secure access to enterprise applications, isolating all traffic to and from private web applications. Rather than accessing the original application, Menlo leverages reverse isolation capabilities to create a rendered image of the application on the endpoint device directly in the user’s browser. As a result, Menlo’s Isolation Core shields the application from parameter tampering, web scraping, API abuse, and a host of other problems not addressed by other solutions.

Provide secure access to private web applications without WAF, reverse proxy, or VDI solutions

Provide secure access to private web applications without WAF, reverse proxy, or VDI solutions

Menlo Security provides security for your data through DLP and read-only access control, so your data doesn’t get manipulated. For example, Menlo Security has an Upload/Download policy so compliance and data leakage are all taken care of. Menlo Security provides security for browser based applications with an isolation layer, offering protection from Log4j, header manipulation, and session hijacking. Additionally, Menlo Security takes the application off the internet so no DNS records are required, protecting your organization against Internet attacks. This is all delivered with an unmatched digital experience for users through high availability and frictionless performance.

Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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