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What is Remote Browser Isolation?

Remote Browser Isolation

Extending malware protection wherever users log on.

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What is RBI?

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) protects organizations from web- and email- based malware using a Zero Trust approach to security. This preventative strategy routes all web traffic through a cloud-based remote browser. It doesn’t matter if content is good or bad, categorized or uncategorized, isolation treats everything as potentially malicious—delivering only safe, sanitized content to the end user.

What kind of attacks can be prevented with RBI?

Any type of web- or email- based malware is prevented with a robust RBI solution—including HEAT attacks, ransomware, trojans, drive-bys, spear phishing and credential theft.

How does RBI work?

RBI creates a virtual air gap between users and the Internet. Delivered through the cloud, this protection follows a user wherever business takes them—in the office, on the road, at a conference, at a customer site. Any time they are connected to the Internet, type in a URL or click on a link, the content is fetched and executed away from the user’s device in a remote browser in the cloud. The content is then sent to the user, looking and performing the same but has all the malicious code wiped out.

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How does RBI fit in existing security stacks?

RBI can be delivered through an existing Secure Web Gateway (SWG) or as a standalone SWG. There is no need to rip and replace any devices or security tools. RBI works in concert with other security capabilities to provide preventative security coverage.

What is cloud-based Internet isolation (CBII)?

CBII is a Department of Defense project that uses RBI to transfer Internet browsing sessions from traditional desktop browsers to a secure, isolated cloud-platform. The service isolates potential malicious code and content within the cloud platform, separating the threat from direct connections to DOD networks.

Why is a cloud-native RBI solution ideal?

Cloud-native solutions are ubiquitous—following users wherever they connect to the Internet. This allows organizations to scale their security protection with the rest of the business. Wherever you do business, you are protected. It doesn’t matter if you have 300 users or 300 million users, organizations can scale across all users, entire organizations and all applications without impacting performance or the native browser experience.

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