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Solving Issues Across Industries

Our Isolation Platform is at work in most major industries, worldwide, and the flexibility of our Platform allows us to address a wide variety of industry-specific issues. From SWIFT compliance in finance, to supply chain and asset management in entertainment, to securing patient records and personal web mail in healthcare, isolation is more than just web security. It eliminates the risk of doing business in a connected world.

The Future of Security for Finance

Between the capital they manage and their millions of customer records, it's no wonder the financial services industry is one of the most frequently attacked. But Menlo Security stops these attacks by preventing phishing attacks and web-borne malware from ever impacting your users.

Prevention Through Isolation

Hospitals and clinics are easy phishing targets because of the large number of medical professionals using personal webmail. To compound the issue, medical institutions often lack sufficient budget and IT staff to stay ahead of cyber threats, and as a result, find themselves dealing with the consequences of a successful breach. Rather than introducing more restrictions on users and more overhead for already overburdened staff, Menlo Security’s Isolation Platform simply and effectively provides 100% safe access to webmail, eliminating phishing and spear-phishing attacks, and malicious web links and documents, before they ever get a chance to land on users' devices.