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Flash Isolation

Eliminating Flash from Endpoints  

Hosting Flash on enterprise endpoints presents challenges for IT organizations. Flash applications are the target of numerous zero-day attacks and create administrator fatigue because of their constant need for security updates and patches. An administrator may need to support tens of thousands of users, and upgrading their endpoints with new software can take months and cost millions. Most IT organizations would love to do away with Flash on the endpoints, but unfortunately, employees still need it for internal legacy apps to simply get their job done every day. 

With the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, potentially harmful Flash content is executed safely away from the endpoint in Disposable Virtual Containers (DVCs), and all the visual elements are presented in a high-fidelity native experience to the user without delivering any active content that can infect the endpoint. Administrators can now remove Flash from their users' browsers but still allow access to Flash content without the risk of malware.


  • Eliminates the risk from Flash on enterprise endpoints
  • 100% effective at preventing Flash zero-day exploits
  • Reduces security patch fatigue
  • Breaks the cycle of infection and remediation
  • Seamless user experience
  • Requires no endpoint software or additional appliances
  • Scales to meet the needs of small to very large enterprise



100% safety via isolation
Ground-breaking solution stops the never-ending search for risky content

Seamless end-user experience
Safely empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience

Cloud simplicity and scale
Reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating end-point software and out-dated appliances

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