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Use Cases

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A Single Solution to Solve a Range of Issues

Our Isolation Platform can be deployed stand-alone or in conjunction with your existing security, to bring 100% safe Internet and email usage to your entire organization.

Stop the Extortion

Ransomware is just another kind of malware, and users get it the same way: through the web or email. Their devices can be infected when they click on a compromised website or download a weaponized document. We prevent 100% of these attacks by intercepting user sessions, isolating the malicious payload and delivering only safe identically rendered information. So, ransomware doesn't ever reach your users' devices. All without compromising their experience or burdening IT staff. 

Safe Access to Uncategorized Sites

If your IT department's architecture includes a Secure Web Gateway (SWG), you know there are often problems with access to new or less popular websites that haven't been classified by the SWG.  Blocking these uncategorized sites can increase your organization’s security posture, but that also just increases the number of IT help desk tickets asking for access to them. But unregulated access to uncategorized sites isn't the answer, either. So, supplement your existing SWGs with Menlo Security. You'll give users access to more of the web while safely eliminating the risks.

Put an End to Credential Theft and Malware

Menlo prevents phishing attacks from harvesting private information, or infecting your systems with a malicious payload. We isolate and deliver rendered content to your users, including safe web forms so cyber criminals never have the chance to steal your users' credentials. Our MSIP integrates easily with your existing email infrastructure and can provide time-of-click training to help boost your users' phishing awareness. There's no software to manage, or plug-ins to install, and it's compatible with any device, OS, browser and mail client.

Safe Viewing of Web Documents

Our Document Isolation renders the most common document types—including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint—in the cloud, eliminating malware before it ever gets to your users' devices, so they see only malware-free rendered documents that look and behave like the originals. And if you do decide to allow original documents to be downloaded, you can add a cloud-based anti-virus scan and sandbox so only malware-free documents can be downloaded, even if they're password protected.

Stop Administrator Fatigue

Our Menlo Security Isolation Platform isolates potentially harmful Flash content from your users' devices and runs it in Disposable Virtual Containers. Users see high-fidelity native content free of any malicious active content that might infect their devices. This means you can now remove Flash from your users' browsers but still allow access to Flash content without the risk of malware.

Nothing gets in. Let us prove it.

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