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Uncategorized URL Protection

Securely Open Uncategorized URLs
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URLs may be classified as Uncategorized because they are unknown, new, or just don’t fall neatly into any existing category. However, users may still need access to these potentially dangerous sites. If you allow unfettered access, you may open up your organization to security threats such as malware, phishing, credential theft, and ransomware. If you block access, you risk false positives that inhibit user productivity and create a flood of help desk requests. With Menlo, you don’t have to choose. Menlo doesn’t block or allow access to websites. Nor do we determine whether websites are good or bad. We treat all URLs as risky, isolating all traffic in our cloud-based isolation environment and thus preventing malware from reaching users’ devices.

Access Uncategorized Websites with Isolation

Safe to Click

When users click on uncategorized, unknown, or new websites, Menlo fetches and executives all native Internet content and resources in our cloud-based secure browser. Nothing dangerous is able to reach your users, as they see only safely mirrored content.

No Categorization Backlog With Isolation
Custom Read-Only Mode

Menlo gives administrators the flexibility to set policies to isolate or Isolate+ Read-Only for uncategorized websites and confidently allow access without increasing malware risk. This custom read-only mode is an additional security layer against phishing, social media attacks, and credential theft risk.

Securely Open Uncategorized Websites and Retain User Productivity
No Categorization Backlog

Manually categorizing websites is tedious, and blocking legitimate content leads to a flood of help desk requests. But by isolating all web traffic, Menlo eliminates the need to categorize websites or prevent users from accessing them. That frees up your staff and protects your users from website malware.

User Productivity

Users will invariably need to access uncategorized websites, which may or may not be infected. With Menlo, it doesn’t matter. Menlo isolates all traffic—good or bad—and renders only clean, safe web code to users’ devices. Your users get unfettered access without risk.

Safe to Click Uncategorized Websites and URLs
Protection for Even the Most Dynamic Content

Websites use JavaScript and Flash for a more engaging user experience, but this dynamic content often contains malware. That’s why Menlo executes all dynamic content in our cloud-based secure browser, and delivers only safely rendered content in the native user experience to users’ devices.

Isolate and Read-Only Provides Uncategorized URL Protection

Customer Support Portal

Our support portal is just another way we at Menlo wish to help you isolate the bad stuff.