Parting the Clouds

Isolation for Greater Security

Change Is in the Air

When more than 80% of businesses say they’ve experienced a breach, something has to change. Businesses could emerge from the pandemic more secure than ever—but only if they're willing to try something new.

Breaches Aren’t Inevitable

Menlo Security’s isolation Core™ technology stops malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks in their tracks—no ifs or buts.


Home Workers Safe

Keep Your Home Workers Safe

Browser exploits can be a source of vulnerability, and they need to be regularly updated, patched and maintained. That can be difficult if users and IT teams are geographically separated. Menlo Security Isolation Core™ ensures that cybersecurity policies travel with users wherever they log in.

Keep Digital Transformation Projects on Track

Shifting IT to the cloud is one of the cornerstones of digital transformation, but it challenges traditional security approaches. Web isolation is fundamentally changing how end-users are protected. Instead of creating traffic choke points, isolation executes web sessions away from employee endpoints and a safe version of live content to devices.


Reset and Rethink

COVID-19 offers CSOs a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform their approach to cybersecurity.

Even before the pandemic, it seemed history was happening faster. Now digital transformation is advancing at breakneck speed, and that’s handed CSOs a huge opportunity to re-think outdated approaches to cybersecurity.


Changing Your Cloud Proxy?

Web isolation technology delivers perfectly secure internet access.


Access the Internet Safely from Any Location

  • Our secure cloud gateway creates a virtual space between endpoints and the internet, separating users from ever-present threats like malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks and other cyber risks.

Cloud Fast144

Make Working Through the Cloud Fast and Seamless

Our Isolation Core™ technology drives all web traffic directly to the Menlo Security Cloud Platform, moving network traffic away from Trusted Internet Connections (TICs) or Internet Access Points (IAPs) to ease bandwidth bottlenecks and speed access.

Download Menlo Security’s Latest White Paper:


Our white paper, Parting the Clouds. Isolation for Greater Security provides details on how web isolation is making the world safe for greater SaaS adoption and more remote working.

The white paper illustrates how companies can protect against users’ browsing and email habits whilst enabling access to web applications and SaaS services on any endpoint, from any location, without worrying about infecting the company network.


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Leverage the Cloud for Business Continuity

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