Secure Cloud Adoption
with SD-WAN Integration

Adopt SASE with seamless SD-WAN Integration and enable local breakouts with superior security.

Secure Internet Access That Works Seamlessly with SD-WAN

Cloud applications and SaaS demand more from networks, MPLS is too expensive to scale, and you need security where the data is. Menlo Security provides seamless integration with SD-WAN solutions to enable secure local Internet breakouts without compromising on security that is delivered via the cloud.

Distributed Organizations Are Facing New Challenges

Enterprises that once viewed the cloud solely as a source of cost savings are now increasing their investment in the cloud to meet demands for agility, speed, and responsiveness. In addition, enterprises need to meet the demand for increased WAN usage at remote sites, but the hub-and-spoke model of a traditional data center doesn’t work with today’s remote workforce. Threat actors can turn even the most well-known, trusted sites into attack vectors.  


Here’s Why Your Distributed Organization Is Facing Challenges:


Traditional Routing and Security Have Outlived Their Relevance.

Hub-and-spoke architectures can’t deliver the fast user experience required for the growing use of cloud apps. Cloud apps demand direct-to-Internet connections, but providing SD-WAN security with appliances is expensive.


You Can’t Afford to Re-create Your Security Stack at Every Branch Office.

Deploying and managing security appliances or VNFs at each of your branches is costly and time-consuming. In addition, network security appliances weren’t built to meet the demands of modern cloud apps.

WebFilter copy400x

Using “Good Enough” Security Isn’t Actually Good Enough.

Legacy appliances use detection-based techniques, such as sandboxing or URL filtering, to protect companies “most of the time.” With traffic going directly to SaaS apps, appliances can’t see the traffic or scale to support it, leaving gaps in your security for remote workers.

Enable Direct-to-Internet Connectivity


Menlo Security’s Cloud Secure Web Gateway has integrated support for SD-WAN, enabling customers to use software-defined policies to select the best path to route traffic to the Internet, cloud applications, and the data center.


Menlo Security enables secure, direct-to-Internet connections and delivers a fast user experience—without backhauling or the cost and complexity of duplicating the appliance security stack at each location. With Menlo Security and SD-WAN interoperability, you can reduce MPLS costs and provide a fast user experience for branch traffic with superior security powered by Menlo’s Isolation Core™.

Key Benefits

SD_WAN Proviionsing400x

Provides Fully Automated Zero-touch SD-WAN Integration

Seamless integration from Menlo’s management platform and configuration of web security and access policies that are instantly applied to any user globally

Cloud Security2400x

Deploying Cloud-Delivered Security for Hundreds of Sites in Minutes.

Fast access to SaaS applications for all users, with direct-to-Internet access for remote offices with IPsec and GRE tunnels, plus remote and mobile users

Cyber_Security Policy400x

Manage Policies Across Globally for Consistent Security Policy Enforcement

Malware-free browsing that allows you to disarm active content from a website or weaponized documents from websites

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