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Phishing Isolation Service

With Menlo Security's Phishing Isolation Service, phishing sites are literally rendered harmless. We isolate and execute user web sessions in our Menlo Security Isolation Platform, eliminating the phishing sites from delivering malware, harvesting private information, and even preventing users from entering their data into bogus forms. Our Platform integrates easily with your existing email applications such as Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail, and delivers the same, familiar, intuitive experience your users are used to. There's no endpoint software or plug-ins to manage, and you can customize your security policies based on users, groups, and usage.

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Eliminates Drive-by Malware Exploits

We open all email links in isolation, eliminating any path drive-by malware could use to reach your users.

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Protects Against Credential Theft

We render websites with web forms with optional input restrictions so they can be used safely and credentials can't be stolen.

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Reinforces Phishing Awareness Training

Customize your phishing awareness training messages so they pop up when your users click on a suspicious link. 

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How It Works

Menlo integrates seamlessly with your existing email applications, including Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, or Office 365, and all the email links simply get directed to our Menlo Security Isolation Platform. So, when your users click on email links, they'll be automatically protected.

Preventing Credential Theft

Menlo also eliminates credential theft by rendering sites in read-only mode, preventing users from entering personal information into malicious web forms.