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As a Menlo Security certified reseller, your organization will be ahead of the game:

  • While other vendors are pitching legacy solutions and competing on price, Menlo Security resellers compete on the value of a highly effective and disruptive solution
  • Menlo Security resellers capitalize on consultative, installation and support services associated with MSIP deployments
  • Because the MSIP is cloud-based, it can deliver annuity streams in the form of subscription renewals

"Our reseller and distribution partners help expand our global reach across numerous industries and segments. These relationships are critical to Menlo Security’s success.”
– Amir Ben-Afraim, CEO, Menlo Security

"Menlo Security's commitment to the channel model makes them extremely easy to do business with. Their isolation solution is a great addition that can be layered onto any existing security architecture.”
Drew Cather, Vice President of Innovation Research, Trace3
“Menlo Security differentiates Preventia Services in the market. Now our clients can consume web content whilst removing significant risk and operational cost. Customers get the value straight away, a fantastic opportunity for channel partners.”
Preventia Services
“NTT Com security are very excited about the prospect of including Menlo Security in our innovation program. The concept of Menlo Security’s isolation platform it so simple it is almost obvious. As part of NTT Com security’s Resilient Cyber Defence Architecture, Menlo Security allows organisations to deploy robust protection capabilities allowing their users freedom on the web.”
NTT Com Security

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