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The Benefits of Partnership

Menlo Security not only delivers value to its customers, but to its technology and reseller partners as well

We understand that you have invested a large amount of time and money in building your layered security architecture. Adding isolation technology into your architecture can yield tremendous benefits from eliminating malware to reducing security operations spend.

Our partnerships are focused on simplifying the integration of our Isolation technology into existing enterprise security environments. Technology partners benefit from having a pre-integrated solution available for their customers, to take advantage of what Gartner is calling one of the "top new security technologies of 2016".

Making our technology easy to integrate into existing environments also provides value to our reseller partners. We make it easy to add an isolation layer, and generate a new revenue stream with an easy-to-deploy software service. At the same time, we are delivering a solution that has proven interoperability with key security vendors that allows you to deploy with confidence.

Connect to Partners


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Wondering how threat isolation can help your organization eliminate the threat of malware? Let Menlo Security's team of isolation security experts answer your questions or provide a demo of our ground-breaking Isolation Platform.