Organizations big and small are discovering the effectiveness and cost benefits of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform

With customers ranging from hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands of users, Menlo Security delivers value to organizations of all sizes, across a multitude of industries including: Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Legal, Hospitality, Education, Media, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Government.

Menlo Security is solving real problems for its customers and driving a new era in security based on threat isolation.

Menlo Security holds the promise to eliminate the risk from targeted phishing attacks, especially those that attempt to steal user credentials.”

Gene Casady, Manager Threat Monitoring & Response Center, Macy's

“We were impressed by Menlo Security’s innovative approach to protecting the firm from web-based threats. Its Isolation Platform has been integrated into our enterprise with zero impact to users, providing a seamless user experience for our employees.”

Rohan Amin, Global CISO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
“Our experience has been that when deploying to a new department, by day two, most users have forgotten we did anything.”
Karl Kemp, ISO, First Community Bank
“It’s kind of like viewing and interacting with the Internet through a bullet proof window. Without any loss of functionality, you are protected against all malware. Quite frankly, I haven’t been this excited about a new tool in many years.”
Jack Miller, Head of Information Protection, A Large Financial Services Company


“After evaluating several options, we selected Menlo Security because we believe their cutting-edge isolation technology provides a unique architectural approach to eliminating malware from web and email.”

Akihiro Okada, Corporate Executive Officer, Head of Security Management Service Business Unit, Fujitsu Ltd.

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