Declared an innovator and leader for Secure Web Gateways (SWG) by Frost and Sullivan

Securing Federal Agencies

Reimagine online security for federal agencies.

True Zero Trust security isolates your people, and data from malware, ransomware, spyware and zero days.

Protect personnel everywhere work gets done.

Support the mission, anywhere work happens.

In the office, in the field or at home: wherever your people get the job done, give them non-stop, secure access to data, apps and collaboration tools.

Prevent threats, unlock productivity.

The only secure web gateway with an Isolation Core creates a virtual “air gap” to stop browser, SaaS and email threats cold. 

Leave the frustration of traditional
VPNs behind.

Routing traffic through VPNs and the TIC is like hitting every red light. Instead, let users go straight to the web, cloud data and SaaS apps — securely and without hitting the brakes.

Reimagine Online Security for Federal Agencies

Phishing and email risks are a thing of the past.

Links and attachments open in a virtual cloud browser, so even if someone clicks, your network and data are safe.

제가 하는 일은 기업이 하고자 하는 모든 일에 ‘안전’이라는 수식어를 붙이는 것입니다.

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Protection for federal
workers and agencies.

Protecting the work of federal agencies is paramount. Our Zero Trust approach means no traffic is trusted, even packets that originate from inside the organization.

Safely research and browse the Internet, from anywhere.

Our secure web gateway (SWG) powered by an Isolation Core™ creates a virtual “air gap” between the federal worker and the online world, in effect separating users from all potential threats.

Make remote work faster and protect productivity.

By driving all web traffic (including unclassified) through our cloud-based SWG to our isolation platform, we safely unlock bandwidth and performance for every user, wherever they work. 

Integrate with your existing infrastructure and supercharge your security.

Our platform supports your public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud environment seamlessly, and easily meshes with the rest of your security stack. Menlo Security’s SWG gets you closer to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model.  


breaches from email and web


reduction in SecOps alerts


zero-day threats


of sessions a month supported by the Menlo platform

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Secure Web Gateway

Protect productivity and outsmart threats with the only Secure Web Gateway powered by an Isolation Core™.

Browser Isolation

Accelerate the business and protect work by eliminating threats from Internet malware.

Email Isolation

Outsmarting email threats while preserving the user experience and protecting productivity with email isolation.


Providing the remote workforce with direct and secure access to SaaS platforms, without interruption.


Providing seamless protection to the most valuable information your business manages.


The workforce of today requires fast, reliable web application access. We make sure that happens.

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