Secure Cloud Transformation

Powered by an Isolation Core™

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Menlo Security Cloud Platform


Provides 100% malware protection and auto-scales with growth of users, devices and applications


Delivers secure direct-to-Internet architecture designed for Office 365 and other SaaS applications

Centralizes security controls and visibility for data protection globally


Benefits: Lowers Costs and Improve Security 



Secure Cloud Transformation unlocks the true value of the cloud, allowing organizations to adopt SaaS applications without having to worry about user experience or security threats.


Secure Cloud Transformation Delivered by Menlo Security

Menlo Security Cloud Platform is the only cloud security solution that is powered by isolation. 
Enterprises can now adopt SaaS applications and accommodate greater traffic volumes without sacrificing security or user experience. 


    1. Secure Cloud Transformation
      Embrace network transformation and shift to a cloud-first security architecture


  1. Eliminate Malware
    Completely eradicate malware and phishing for good

    1. ______________________________

Fast O365 Deployment
Create secure local internet breakouts for fast O365 deployment



Secure Cloud Transformation

As enterprises move to the cloud, Secure Cloud Transformation is critical to enforce security controls, improve end-user experience, and maintain traffic visibility.

Read how Menlo Security helps companies transform their infrastructure for the age of SaaS


While the Internet has become integral to our everyday life, it can also be a cesspool of cyberattacks.


Learn how Menlo Security helps enterprises implement secure local Internet breakouts to reduce latency and improve the end user’s experience for SaaS applications.

Business Case
for Internet Isolation

The soft costs of an unsuccessful cybersecurity strategy can be burdensome - costs like loss of public trust, shareholder anger, or lost business add up over time.

Dive into an analysis of the hidden costs of failed web security approaches to reveal the benefits of Internet isolation.