Anywhere Workforce, Everywhere Protection

Scale Your Security in the New Norm

Your anywhere workforce needs everywhere protection, and that requires a fundamentally different approach that’s 100% effective. It shouldn’t matter where users log in—from home or the office. Companies that use Menlo Security, the world’s only Global Cloud Proxy Platform built on an Isolation Core™ are completely safe and don’t need to worry about malware or phishing attacks.

Why is traditional cybersecurity “almost safe”? Because it was never designed to be 100% effective. Menlo Security rejects the notion that attacks are not a matter of if but when. We’re redefining the industry by stopping all phishing and malware attacks so users are ALWAYS safe. Take advantage of the free 90 Days Cloud Proxy and Phishing Protection Licenses offer to see how it works.

Global Cloud Proxy Platform Built on an Isolation Core™

The Menlo Security Global Cloud Proxy provides fast, secure web access to applications like Office 365 and enables IT departments to scale security services for large organizations while reducing operational costs.


100% Malware and Phishing Protection

Eliminate malware, ransomware, phishing and zero-day attacks.


Fast Deployment

100% cloud-based solution with no hardware or software to purchase or deploy.


Global Multitenant Elastic Cloud

Auto-scaling architecture to add users and devices instantly from anywhere in the world.

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Protect Remote Workers 

Menlo Security Cloud Proxy allows enterprises to provide remote worker with reliable, secure Internet access.

Solution Brief


Secure Internet

First and only Security Cloud built on an Isolation Core™.


Data Sheet


Secure Office 365

Direct to Internet Connections to Office 365 with Unsurpassed Security.



Global Cloud Proxy Enables VPN Split Tunneling

Reduce VPN traffic by more than 70 percent through split tunneling

Solution Brief


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