Declared an innovator and leader for Secure Web Gateways (SWG) by Frost and Sullivan


The path of least resistance is the path of most security.

Now, everyone on your team can work online without limitations or interruptions. Security stays invisible, while workers go full-speed ahead.

We help companies everywhere work safely.

They work without limits.
You work without worry.

Make no tradeoffs between security and productivity.
At Menlo Security, we prove that it’s possible to have both.

Menlo allows you to provide the value of the Internet to users in a safe manner. It’s the only technology, as far as I’m concerned, that does that.”

5 out of 5

Menlo provided priceless security and bandwidth improvements during our COVID-19 response.“
- Government & public sector agency
Enterprises should look at isolation, as it helps to prevent zero-day malware and vulnerabilities.”

What success in security looks like.

Hear from the companies securing work and enabling business growth with Menlo Security.

Adopting isolation to eliminate web threats.

"[We've built] greater confidence in the integrity of our networks, lower time criticality of patching requirements, and possible savings on IDS/IPS costs and time lost to user questions about whether it's safe to click or not."

- First Community Bank

Web-based attacks blocked with the power of isolation.

The biggest benefit is that we have improved security and usability–at the same time."

- Japan Post Holdings

Protecting the most critical business tools.

"Before, we had to manually examine every single potential malware problem. Now, my job is much easier. We enjoy the security we've achieved with the Menlo Security cloud platform."

- Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant

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