Declared an innovator and leader for Secure Web Gateways (SWG) by Frost and Sullivan

About Us

In Zero Trust we trust.

Productivity is sacred. So we set out to make online work secure, seamless, and simplified for everyone.

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It’s all about securing work.

For far too long, security companies have been content to pacify customers with detect-and-remediate solutions that are no match for today’s smartest malware. Menlo Security is a different breed. We believe:

  1. Security should prevent, not react.
  2. Organizations shouldn’t have to sacrifice productivity for security.
  3. Perfect security is possible.

As a group of unrelenting cybersecurity experts, we pioneered an entirely reimagined, impervious approach to security. One that’s built on Zero Trust principles and that leverages isolation as a core architectural pillar. It’s the only way to truly eliminate malware, secure work, and protect productivity—the stuff that matters most to the businesses we work with and their end users.

As migration to the cloud quickens and application workloads move to SaaS, security is being rearchitected to meet a new set of challenges. Menlo Security is at the forefront of this shift—empowering organizations to adapt and map their journey to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and beyond.

A risk-free platform? Yes.

When it comes to protecting online work, we’re changing the playing field—and threats are banned from the game. See why our isolation-powered platform is giving detect-and-respond solutions a bad name.

Your success drives us.

Protecting against Internet risk is a top priority for the customers we serve, which include some of the most demanding enterprises and governments worldwide. See how Menlo Security is helping them outsmart threats—and keep work humming.

Full Protection

provided against 90% of attacks

8 of 10

of the world’s largest banks use Menlo


cloud Secure Web Gateway (SWG) deployment in the world

3 years

honored as a Gartner SWG Visionary

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The team that secures together.

Isolation may power our platform, but it’s our people who create the real magic in Menlo Security.

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