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How it Works

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) uses patented cloud-based isolation and Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology that obviates the need for endpoint software or plug-ins while delivering a transparent user experience to the user’s native browser.

The MSIP is deployed between a user’s device (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and the Internet. User Web requests are proxied via the MSIP, which accesses the Web on the user’s behalf and executes the user’s session completely. Only safe, malware-free rendering information is sent to the user’s endpoint, eliminating the possibility of malware reaching the user’s device. The Platform, which provides isolation for both clear-text (HTTP) and SSL-encrypted (HTTPS) Web content, is available as a public cloud service and can also be delivered as a virtual appliance for deployment in an organization’s data center.

The MSIP can be deployed stand-alone or in conjunction with existing Web security gateways, next generation firewalls, network sandboxes or other security systems. It also integrates with an organization’s mail servers to provide protection against spear-phishing and other email attacks.



Adaptive Clientless Rendering Technology

Menlo Security’s patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR) technology provides the connection from the user’s session running in the MSIP to the user’s native browser. ACR technology requires no endpoint software or plug-ins and delivers a completely native user experience essentially indistinguishable from direct interaction with a Web site.

For each type of Web content the ACR engine selects the optimal encoding and transport mechanism for delivery to the user’s browser. For example, dangerous content such as Java or Flash is executed in the MSIP and then delivered as a hi-fidelity, interactive experience in the user’s browser. In all cases, the user’s browser receives non-executable, malware-free content that renders naturally and preserves the user’s native experience.  

By optimizing the processing and delivery of each content type, ACR technology provides a better experience than other approaches to remote rendering in several respects:

  • Works with the user’s native browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox), meaning no requirement for any software on the end user device (i.e. no thin client, replacement browser, plug-in, etc.);
  • No pixelation, choppy scrolling or other visual artifacts common with “screen-scraping” technologies like VDI;
  • Preservation of native browser functionality such as cut and paste, printing, etc.;
  • Native support for browser extensions.


100% safety via isolation
Ground-breaking solution stops the never-ending search for risky content

Seamless end-user experience
Safely empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience

Cloud simplicity and scale
Reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating end-point software and out-dated appliances

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