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New Gartner Report 2016

Gartner logo transparent.pngDownload this new Gartner report to learn more about Isolation to reduce Web risk

This new Gartner report describes why it's time to isolate your users and how a Remote Browser Service provides immediate benefits to help prevent malware, ransomware and phishing threats.

Gartner’s report, It’s Time to Isolate Your Users from the Internet Cesspool with Remote Browsing, provides recommendations and details about isolation's role in enterprise risk reduction. We feel it validates many of the key recommendations that Menlo Security has advocated for years, such as implementing browser isolation to limit web-based attacks while preserving end user productivity.


About Menlo Security

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyber attack by eliminating the threat of malware from Web and email. Menlo Security’s cloud based Isolation Platform easily scales to provide comprehensive protection across organizations of any size without requiring end point software or impacting end user experience. Find out more at menlosecurity.com


Gartner: It’s Time to Isolate Your Users From the Internet Cesspool With Remote Browsing, Neil MacDonald, 30 September 2016 

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