Data Loss Prevention

More Users. More Data. More Scattered.
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Now, more than ever, sensitive information is scattered across your organization and the cloud, making it an easy target for hackers—specifically for spoofing, credential theft, harvesting, and other web-based attacks. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform eliminates the risk of losing data by preventing users from willingly or unwillingly uploading data, documents, or credentials to read-only sites. Menlo also fetches and executes web code in our cloud-based platform and renders the content to users’ devices in HTML5—any malicious code or other unknown threats are prevented from installing malware designed to gain access to your network to steal data.

Enhanced DLP

Menlo provides 100 percent visibility into all user submissions—regardless of HTTP request method or complex JavaScript transfers. This deep visibility provides customers with an additional level of insight to ensure that sensitive information is not posted on the Internet—unlike other solutions that cannot inspect what is being uploaded.

Full Control with Seamless User Experience

Menlo’s isolation of user input is done in a standard and predictable format, giving DLP administrators full visibility and control over all file uploads. There’s no need to reconstruct, decode, or deobfuscate files transferred in isolation.

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Granular Visibility

The Menlo Security Web Isolation Platform improves the efficacy of your DLP strategy by preventing willing or unwilling file uploads to all websites. Any user input—including documents, data, and credentials—is first isolated in Menlo’s cloud-based web isolation browser.

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