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VIDEO: The difference between prevention and detection

Matt Shamshoian | Nov 29, 2022

Illustration of hand holding phone with video and caption Prevention vs. Detection

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Seeing is believing, so it makes sense that many security solutions act only on the threats they can “see”, or detect on the network. If you can’t detect a threat, how do you know if it’s really a threat? This detection-based security essentially searches for threats on the network, then moves to isolate and neutralize them once a threat is confirmed. The problem with relying solely on detection is that it puts you on your back foot and forces you to react to threat actors once they’re already on the network — by that point, it’s often too late and the damage is already done.

Instead of combing through all traffic and trying to determine whether it’s benign or malicious, prevention-based security technology treats all traffic as guilty until proven innocent. Through isolation technology, all traffic is executed in the cloud so it doesn’t come anywhere near the endpoint, drastically reducing costly and time-consuming false negatives and positives.

In this short video, Menlo Security EMEA Sales Engineer Manager, Brett Raybould, explores the differences between prevention and detection.

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