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VIDEO: So, what does threat prevention look like?

Matt Shamshoian | Nov 10, 2022

Illustration of video on cellphone with the text video blog: what does threat prevention look like?

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There’s such a wide array of security technology that claims to stop threats like ransomware that it can get difficult to tell them apart at times. But when it comes down to it, the differences are simple: some security solutions just detect threats and others help remediate a breach. However, truly important security solutions focus on never letting disaster strike in the first place.

Focusing on prevention eliminates the need to comb through every potential threat and decide whether or not it’s malicious once it’s already on the network. Why wait until the threat is on the network to act when you can make it never happen in the first place?

In this short video, Menlo Security Senior Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Mark Guntrip, breaks down what threat prevention should look like.

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