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Video: SASE as a business enabler

Marcos Colon | Sep 23, 2021

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Organizations have historically had to balance robust security with the user experience, a task that is not for the faint of heart. Once the global pandemic quickly forced many companies to implement work-from-home policies, users suddenly found themselves connecting through specific VPN gateways for different applications, leading to frustration, stifled productivity, and ultimately, shadow IT as employees quickly attempted to bypass these controls.

Fast forward to today, and we finally have an adequate answer to this challenge in the form of modern security solutions such as zero trust network access (ZTNA) and cloud access security brokers (CASB). Now steps are more transparent to employees, and strong security is coupled with an unaffected user experience. These security tools featured in the SASE architecture secure modern work and protect employee productivity.

In this brief video, Mark Guntrip, senior director of cybersecurity strategy at Menlo Security, explains why many organizations are adopting the SASE architecture for the benefits it provides in accelerating the business.

Are you interested in learning more on this topic? Download a free version of this ESG white paper that breaks down how organizations can take a pragmatic path to SASE security.

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