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Understanding the intersection of SASE and Zero Trust

Marcos Colon | Aug 24, 2021

Illustration of two people standing at a crossroads between Zero Trust and SASE

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Security transformation is at the top of every security leader’s mind, which is why many are looking to two approaches that seem to be considered answers to today’s enterprise security challenges; secure access service edge (SASE) and Zero Trust.

But there’s still some confusion surrounding their differences, given there’s no technology provider that can rightfully claim to have a SASE or Zero Trust solution that’s enterprise-ready. As security professionals, we understand that your day is full of complexity, so rather than add to it, we’re helping clear the air on defining the relationship between these two approaches in a simple format that you can share and revisit.

In this brief video, Mark Guntrip, senior director of cybersecurity strategy at Menlo Security, explains the difference between SASE and Zero Trust and shares how security teams can get started on their journey to SASE.

Are you interested in learning more on this topic? Download a free version of this ESG white paper that breaks down how organizations can take a pragmatic path to SASE security.

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