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Two minutes on… Remote Browser Isolation

Matt Shamshoian | Nov 01, 2022

illustration of locked browser with caption Two minutes on... RBI

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The browser quickly became the new office after the pandemic, with over 75% of employees’ workdays spent in a web browser. It’s no wonder cybercriminals are constantly crafting new attacks designed specifically to target the browser. Detection-based security struggles to stop these attacks because it essentially has to make the right decision on whether web content is a threat or not every time, and attackers only need to fool the security technology once by hiding their malicious content.

Fortunately, there’s a different way to secure the browser that removes the risk of a threat slipping through: Remote Browser Isolation (RBI). RBI eliminates the need to categorize all content as good or bad entirely by running all content in an isolated layer far away from the user, effectively creating an air-gap between the user and the internet. Threats are nowhere near the endpoint, ensuring complete security for the browser.

In two minutes, Menlo Security EMEA Sales Engineer Manager, Brett Raybould, breaks down how RBI keeps end users safe from web-based threats.

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