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Phishing & Ransomware at Singapore GovWare

I was in Singapore last week attending GovWare, speaking at the event and also meeting a number of customers and partners. Land of eternal summer, I think the lows were in the high 70's which made my morning runs, huh, interesting. Isolation is not a new concept here in Singapore, as the government pulled out 100,000 computers (de-linked) from the Internet to avoid any malware contamination. The government personnel are given dedicated kiosks (black computers) from which they can access the Internet, but that's about it. This is an extreme form of Isolation, while 100% safe, is also at cross-roads with user experience. But this has been the history of Isolation though. We've always been forced to trade off between security and user experience. Security by shackles.


After my talk on 'Re-thinking Malware Prevention Elimination with Isolation', many folks came over to learn more. When I showed them the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, I heard the words "amazing" and "mind blown". For many of the smaller organizations, they simply don't have the cybersecurity expertise or the personnel to interpret and deal with alerts. They want a set-it-and-forget solution that allows people to do their jobs, but eliminates 100% of the risk.

Top of mind for many customers here were Phishing and Ransomware. There's a growing awareness and urgency to solve these problems, conclusively. Not just detect phishing sites or sandbox your way to pseudo-victory, but eliminate the problem all together. As we wrote in our Hidden Cost of Web Security white paper, organizations are spending so much money on documenting alerts, dealing with false positives, reimaging suspect endpoints and recategorization requests. What a waste of time and money! While introducing the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, many folks resonated with the simplicity and elegance of our solution.

Quote of the week for me was from a SOC analyst that's been using the Isolation Platform:

"We SOC analysts are being forced to be tool operators (documenting alerts, etc.). With Menlo, we can finally (have the time to) focus on being real analysts and do high value tasks"

Overall GovWare was a great event and I was super happy to have attended it. My only pet peeve? Having to wear a full suit and tie in 88°F and 100% humidity! *whew*

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