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Secure O365 and Secure G Suite for your enterprise

Menlo Security | Mar 09, 2020

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Bad actors never rest

Creating legitimate-looking fake communications from Google or Microsoft is easy and inexpensive. Novice attackers with little or no coding experience can purchase phishing packs on the dark web that they can customize and then send emails to specific targets based on social engineering intelligence. Free and compromised accounts can also be used as an attack vector , hosting documents that contain malware or links to fake web forms or other malicious sites.

This inability to secure G Suite and Office 365 traffic forces enterprises to make a decision—to increase the number of internal barriers for sending emails, to take away a powerful collaboration tool, or to allow all traffic and open the organization to an increasingly popular and sophisticated attack vector – None are good options.

Secure Office 365 / Secure G Suite protects against bad actors

Menlo Security provides a way forward. Our Secure Office 365 and Secure G Suite products feature email isolation to protect end users from malicious links and attachments. The suite also includes direct-to-Internet connectivity to provide faster SaaS performance, rather than sending all traffic across expensive leased lines (MPLS). Our products save you money in phishing cost remediation and by obviating the need for leased lines.

Attachment Isolation with our email products protects the network from dangerous malware. Attachments are one of the leading vectors for malware and represent a key weakness for any organization. We help organizations by opening users’ email attachments in the cloud without downloading the content to the end device. The result prevents the introduction of malware into the network through web-based downloads.

Link Isolation goes further. When a user clicks on a link to travel to a website, Menlo Security predictively determines if the site is fake or legitimate using a collection of reliable indicators of authenticity. Websites deemed very risky by administrators may be blocked, moved to read-only mode, or placed in isolation.

Contact Menlo Security today to learn how Secure Office 365 and Secure G Suite enables you to move your SaaS services to the cloud with enhanced phishing protection.

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