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RSA 2017 is a Wrap – Were Credential Theft and Phishing on Your Radar?

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There were many hot topics and cybersecurity themes at this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco, from ransomware, to Sec Ops, to post breach mitigation.

One of the most important was credential theft generated by targeted and sophisticated phishing attacks. This is a problem that has plagued enterprises for years.

At RSA, Menlo Security put the focus on credential theft and phishing because these campaigns are becoming more complex, frequent, and virulent, and they will continue to harm companies.  In fact, Menlo Security researchers recently discovered an especially devious spear phishing attack that had the attacker posing as a corporate IT administrator. That attack leveraged multiple custom scripts to morph, as needed, to attack the individual victims’ email clients. Such campaigns are impacting thousands of companies and require better answers.

Menlo Security, along with Cylance, Javelin Networks and SecureLink, collaborated for a terrific expert roundtable (streamed video in link) on the topic of credential theft.  Many perspectives were shared, including securing endpoints with AI, and locking down the interior of the network topology to protect Active Directory.   


At the roundtable, Menlo Security’s Kowsik Guruswamy offered one way to catch 100% of malware threats and credential theft before they reach the enterprise: through Isolation technology. Isolation helps prevent such breaches from ever occurring by inserting a secure, trusted execution environment between the user and potential sources of attack.


We hope you had a great experience at RSA.  If you have more questions about phishing, malware and other threats to your enterprise, you know how to find us!  

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