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Podcast: Reality and Hype of Threats


I had great fun recording this interview on the Tailgating Security podcast with Alan Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer at Illumio. We talked about a range of topics on the reality and hype of threats. This included a history lesson from me and a spelling lesson from Alan. 


Podcast: Reality and Hype of Threats


Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • This past RSA had everyone talking about threat-this and threat-that
  • McAfee announced their first anti-virus in 1987, the same year Dr. Fred Cohen who coined the term "anti-virus" published a paper that said there's no algorithm that can definitively detect a computer virus.
  • In the State of the Web 2015: Vulnerability Report that we published a few weeks ago, we found that 1 in 3 of the Alexa 1M sites pose some sort of risk.
  • Exploitation Lifecycle begins with a vulnerable site, followed by a malware download to an unsuspecting user and ends with data loss, fraud, etc.
  • Most folks will click on the dancing pig that claims to give them a $200 tax refund, especially when they see that email on April 14th.
  • UX matters a lot for security products. Products that are simpler to deploy/manage, but preserve end user experience are going to be incredibly successful in the market.
  • Security products that try and figure out good vs. bad are failing miserably in the market.
  • And I went on record saying how awesome The Incredibles are :)


So check out the podcast at the Tailgating Security blog and let us know what you think!


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