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Menlo Security Collaborates with Fujitsu on Global Managed Security Service


I am extremely pleased to report that we have entered into a partnership with Fujitsu, providing  an enhancement to their Global Managed Security Service. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) will be used to bolster the Risk Reduction capabilities of the managed service offering to automatically eliminate the risk of malware from Web, documents and email.

This partnership expands the market reach for the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) as we make this breakthrough security solution available as a cloud software service to the Fujitsu GMSS installed base. 

Customers will benefit from both the enhanced risk reduction service and a seamless experience for both security personnel and users. The MSIP offers a transparent user experience, requires no endpoint software or agents, yet keeps risky content away from any device and any browser.  By keeping malware safely isolated in the cloud, the number of security alerts coming from endpoint devices also reduces dramatically, eliminating the problem of alert fatigue that has become all to common in most enterprise security teams.

According to Akihiro Okada, Corporate Executive Officer, Head of Security Management Service Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited, Menlo Security was selected because “we believe their cutting-edge Isolation technology provides a unique architectural approach to eliminating malware from Web and email.”

We know Cyber Security is a tough challenge, and together with Fujitsu we are proud to be making real progress towards a solution. 

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