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Malware & Credential Theft are the Problems, not Russia


While there are conflicting reports about state actors like Russia possibly cyberattacking US companies, one thing is certain – malware is a problem. Our recent report finds that half of the Web is risky, and this updated Gartner report calls the Internet a “cesspool.” 

Isolation is a newer preventative security technique that can immediately help prevent malware, ransomware and phishing threats, as the Gartner report explains. Menlo Security first introduced its isolation platform years ago, and today it is in broader use across our banking, government, hospitality and other industry customers. 

Isolation can protect individuals from inadvertently triggering security issues as they browse Web pages. There is no need to constantly update endpoints, since all content is isolated and safely kept at arm’s length from users. Menlo Security’s approach is unique, combining the power of Adaptive Clientless Rendering with the simplicity of a private or public cloud service. 

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