Frost & Sullivan Report: To Defeat Malware, Isolate Rather than Detect


Many organizations have given up on the possibility of preventing malware, and have shifted their efforts to detecting successful attacks and limiting their impact after they’ve occurred. Given the poor performance of conventional malware prevention systems, this is not surprising as barely a week goes by without reports of new vulnerabilities, attacks and breaches.

Now there’s a new approach to preventing malware –namely, isolation - that can turn the tide, and security experts are starting to take notice. Michael Suby, vice president of research for Frost & Sullivan, with nearly two decades of experience in security, recently issued a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the modern threat environment, the challenges of current malware detection tools and the opportunity for using isolation to definitively stop attacks. The report also provides a detailed and objective “under the hood” view of Menlo Security’s Isolation Platform, with some thoughts about the potential market impact. It’s definitely worth a read and you can access the full report here.

Some noteworthy points from the report:

  • First, legacy anti-malware approaches that rely on signatures for detection are in a constant catch-up race against malware developers along multiple tracks: volume, development speed, and sophistication.
  • Rather than attempt to leapfrog malware developers with improved or supplemental malware detection, approaches that are not reliant on detection offer an intriguing alternative.
  • Rather than fetching and executing Web content in the user’s device, as with legacy approaches, Menlo Security relocates these functions to its Isolation Platform.
  • Adaptive Clientless Rendering technology sanitizes the Web session by removing all active content—malicious and benign. As a result, only the Web session rendering information reaches the user’s device.
  • Menlo Security's architectural approach exhibits attributes that are well aligned with the requirements of an effective malware-defeating solution, including Native User Experience, High Performance, Agnostic & Clientless.
  • Menlo Security services are available as cloud-delivered services. The means for commercial organizations to trial these services is straightforward.
  • Menlo Security offers a fresh approach that eliminates the guesswork from malware detection. By isolating & sanitizing active content—malicious and benign—from users’ online activities, a safer online experience is assured.

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