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From luxury to necessity: Why remote work has rattled cybersecurity strategy

Marcos Colon | Feb 14, 2023

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Before the pandemic, remote work was perceived as a luxury for users, but that quickly became a necessity when many organizations were forced to implement hybrid work models for good. Using personal devices and unsecured home networks for work exploded, creating an expanded attack surface that allowed threat actors to jump into action. Today, these cybercriminals are focused on compromising remote workers, with many leveraging Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) that compromise the single biggest productivity tool for knowledge workers–web browsers.

As business evolves, so must security. The experiences that many organizations have gone through because of hybrid work have resulted in many lessons learned. Since then, security teams have experimented with many technologies, many bolstered security, but other investments have yet to provide much impact. But how can modern organizations make changes to their security strategy that can seamlessly evolve with whatever the business–or threat landscape–throws at them?

During this panel discussion featuring active security leaders and Menlo’s own Senior Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Mark Guntrip, they attempt to answer that question and each share their unique experiences.

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