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First U.S. Patent on Cloud Isolation - A Milestone for Menlo Security

Changing the security market for the better is important work. A key milestone for Menlo Security was receiving our first technology patent for the development of important intellectual property in our breakthrough threat isolation solution. Initially filed in 2011, U.S. Patent No. 9,391,832 was issued for Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR) — a cornerstone capability in our isolation platform architecture. Making isolation easy to use and deploy is validation of our pioneering efforts and marks a proud moment for Menlo Security.   

Beauty in Simplicity 

Keeping security simple for both administrators and users has always been our mantra. The elegance of the ACR solution, originally co-developed by our Chief Architect and co-founder Gautam Altekar while at the University of California at Berkeley, and commercialized here with the Menlo Security team, creates a new, more effective approach that completely eliminates the threat of malware from the Web, documents and email.   


Our ACR technology is 100% effective and highly appealing to administrators for two main reasons: 

1. Clientless deployment for enterprise users. There is no software installed on the user's device, yet users receive all the benefits of a secure environment, free of malware. The breakthrough here means that IT departments can shed the entire burden of keeping up with the maintenance of user devices and software versions. The clientless nature of Menlo Security Isolation also enables easy enterprise-wide deployment via in-network proxy configuration, as well as fully-centralized management of browsing policies. ACR also enables simple security updates across all devices within the enterprise network.

2. Transparent user experience: Historically, Isolation technologies have traded off user experience for security. With ACR, users do not perceive a difference from a native experience browsing the Web, which is critical for ensuring end-user productivity and buy-in. Isolation technology users no longer have to alter the way they browse the Web or be distracted by changes to their browsers’ behavior. There is no added latency for processing a broad range of media types including text and video. Conducting day-to-day operations, such as printing and copy-paste, just work. 

Menlo Security is driving security advancements that result in real benefits to the market. Having patented ACR technology is tangible proof that we are well on our way. 

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