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Check Point Experience 2016 @ Nice

Last week, 19th April 2016, our team were fortunate enough to be invited to participate at the Check Point Experience 2016 in Nice, France. South of France in April is always a welcome location for an event after a long cold winter in Northern Europe. Having been a Check Point System Administrator for 4 years going back to 1997 and working with many customers on their Check Point firewalls as a consultant, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was certainly surprised.


Check Point have evolved from a Firewall technology company into a very credible Cyber security organisation. This was reflected across the conference agenda, speakers & subject matters and with all the discussions we had with delegates from across Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

From perimeter security controls to endpoint zero day risks to cloud security controls, Check Point offer a compelling security capability for customers of all levels of cyber maturity. A firewall will not solve all problems, however the Check Point portfolio combined with easy integration enables their customers to deliver capabilities very quickly & easily.

Menlo Security are the 'new kids on the block' so to speak, having never exhibited at a Check Point event before, so it was great to engage with Check Point staff, partners and customers whom were curious to what Menlo Security do. Isolation is a new concept in the list of cyber capabilities that organisations should consider and we spent a lot of time educating booth visitors as to what this means in essence.

All the attendees highlighted the same trends & discussion points on web security that we hear.  I genuinely didn’t expect to hear Check Point staff telling me about the risks we hear every day however it’s reassuring that we are all fighting the same battles. Education levels were impressive as well, everyone “I” met was conversant with the risks of Flash, Java and PDF files being executed locally by browsers today.

The Menlo Web Risk tool continues to be a great conversation starter remove showing the risk of a modern news & media website for everyone we spoke to. When you can show someone the sheer amount of active code executed by your browser going to one of the Global 100 websites, 292 pieces of javascript fetched and executed from 50 sources (see below), it’s easy to illustrate why malvertising is such a rampant security problem today.

Some of the key discussions we had that highlighted the synergy we now have with Check Point included:-

  • Customers want to simplify networks, remove hardware and cut out legacy web security technologies that don’t add anything to the security ‘stack’
  • Ransomware continues to be a major pain point for businesses when using the web and it’s becoming harder to mitigate consistently
  • URL categorisation is still needed and essential however isn’t a security capability, much more an HR capability
  • Customers still have lots of pain dealing with Uncategorised web content, do you block or allow?
  • Mobile, roaming users off network continue to be a problem for businesses to secure for web security

What does this mean to a CheckPoint customer or partner?

We spent much of the event detailing the simple integration of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform  to a Check Point firewall. Unlike many solutions, it’s rare that you can integrate solutions with less than 5 mouse clicks, and no professional services either.

The integration is a simple - with 2 options provided. One, set up  the MSIP  platform as an upstream proxy and this will forward all user web traffic to our platform. This option is used by customers whom have tested and selected our solution. Second, use a redirect for groups of users when you are testing the MSIP  technology. This is ideal for testing users whom access high risk URL categories such as Uncategorised, hacking and advertisements whist assessing MSIP .

Unlike current threat prevention systems that attempt to distinguish good content from bad, Menlo Security isolates and executes Web and email content in its cloud-based Isolation Platform, before it reaches user devices. This ensures no content can reach the end user’s device, thus keeping it safe from malware. Joint Check Point and Menlo Security customers can now easily set policies to determine which traffic types and user groups pass from Check Point’s gateways to the Menlo Security Isolation Platform.

If you missed us in Nice, then you can catch the Menlo Security US-based team at the upcoming Check Point Experience USA event in Chicago, IL on May 16 through 18, 2016.

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