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ChatGPT: A double-edged sword in cybersecurity

Menlo Security | Aug 01, 2023

illustration of video on laptop with caption ChatGPT: a double-edged sword in cybersecurity

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing fields, including cybersecurity. The emergence of generative AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT brings a unique blend of opportunities and risks for organizations.

On the upside, ChatGPT promises unprecedented efficiency. It can conduct audits, identify vulnerabilities, and enhance cybersecurity training through its simulation abilities, making it a powerful ally.

However, the model’s sophistication has been garnering more negative commentary than positive, meaning there’s a double-edged sword at play. Its human-like interactions can be exploited by threat actors for disinformation or social engineering, illustrating the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” threat in AI technology.

So, how can we harness ChatGPT’s potential while mitigating its risks? In a recent video interview with Menlo Security Senior Sales Engineer, Tom McVey, he dives into generative AI’s role in cybersecurity and quickly breaks down how to navigate this complex terrain.

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