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Browsing the Web is a Leap into the Unknown

Users must recognize that they are taking a significant risk when connecting directly to the Internet. The new Menlo Security State of The Web report reveals that nearly half (46%) of the Internet’s top 1 million web sites, as ranked by Alexa, are risky.  


This is largely due to vulnerable software running on web servers and on underlying ad network domains. The results are significant because risky sites have never been easier to exploit, and traditional security products fail to provide adequate protection. Attackers have their veritable choice of half the web to exploit, and phishing attacks can now utilize legitimate sites

Menlo Security also found that background requests sending content to web browsers outnumber user requests at a ratio of 25:1. The culprit sites found in the study include destinations that are widely unknown by name, however these large ad service networks are found hidden behind the world’s largest and most visited media sites and include sites for 24 hour news, major metro newspapers and other popular information sources including weather and stock photos.

Check out the entire report, and learn how IT administrators, website owners and individuals can protect themselves from today’s web and email threats.

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