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Attackers are thinking about phishing differently, so should you.

Menlo Security | Jul 09, 2019

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Every day new phishing campaigns are making the news. One is posing as legitimate emails from the Department of Homeland Security, the next pretends to be an alert from your email server that it has received an encrypted message for you, prompting you to log into a fake OneDrive site. Malicious actors know phishing campaigns are getting easier to identify. As a result, they continue to create new and more creative ideas to trick people. In fact, the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report stated that phishing was involved in one third of all cyber attacks across all industries. The reason that number is so high is because even though cyber defenses, in general, are also becoming stronger, phishing attacks prevail, affecting businesses small and large. Attackers can rely on the fact that phishing has proven to be effective.

In an attempt to remain secure, the money that organizations are spending to avoid such attacks seems never ending. We estimate the market for technologies like network, email and endpoint security is at $20 billion per year and growing at about 10%. Not to mention, these same organizations are spending equally exorbitant amounts in an attempt to train their employees to be able to identify between safe and malicious links.

The solutions and “best practices” they are relying on only help organizations “avoid”, “minimize” or “recognize” the threat of phishing attacks and malware, and most claim that there is no single way to avoid phishing attacks, but that’s no longer true. Menlo Security is thinking about security in a radically different way. There is only one silver bullet to completely eliminating the threat of phishing and it’s not avoiding web and email altogether. It’s Internet isolation. Internet isolation is the only way to ensure users are 100% protected from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks; the same attacks that bypass the most well-trained employees, and legacy defenses (anti-virus, etc.). This technology:

  • Prevents phishing, malware and ransomware (prolific sources of breaches) 100% of the time
  • Completely separates an enterprises network from the public web by moving the viewing of email attachments and web browsing away from the desktop into the cloud
  • All the while, still allowing employees uninterrupted access to the Internet

Imagine how much time, money and reputation could be saved if the threats of malware, phishing and ransomware were eradicated?

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