A New Vision for Security


In 2013 my co-founders and I set out to change the status quo in security, for a simple reason: Collectively, we’d spent over 100 years in security companies large and small, and while the industry has made significant progress, in truth, it felt like we were losing the battle against malware.


Over the last two decades we’ve been witnessing an escalating arms race of new security tools pitted against ever evolving, sophisticated and costly attacks.  Looking at the headlines over the last year, and even the past few weeks, it’s hard not to conclude that the security industry is losing the fight.

We started Menlo Security with a few key realizations:

  •  The primary entry points for most attacks are Web and email.
  • The vast majority of security technologies today rely on detecting good content vs. bad content.
  • There is no consistently reliable way to detect if content is good or bad, which is the crux of the problem we face as an industry.

With this in mind we went looking for a new approach, and the result is what we’re launching today:  the Menlo Security Isolation Platform.  By using isolation technology there’s no need to determine if content is good or bad – everything is executed in the Isolation Platform, away from the user.  The user’s experience is indistinguishable from directly browsing the Web.  And, it works with the user’s existing device, OS and browser, so there’s no software to install.  This new approach opens up access to the Web while making it safe at the same time.

I could go on and on about our technology, and I’d love to, but we have a new Web site to take care of that.  Instead I want to take a moment to thank some of the many people who have made today’s launch possible:

  • Dr. Dawn Song, MacArthur Fellow and professor of computer science at UC Berkeley, and Dr. Gautam Altekar, now our chief architect.  They invented the core innovations at the heart of the Isolation Platform and had the entrepreneurial zeal to take the technology out of the lab and into the market.

  • My other co-founders, Gideon Avida, Poornima DeBolle, and Todd Ignasiak, who willingly leapt into the unknown and nurtured the technology into a scalable service that meets real customer needs.

  • Our investors, who have provided essential financial support and priceless guidance as we’ve navigated from a dream to a reality.

  • Our initial customers, who share our vision and see the opportunity and necessity to make access to all of the Internet’s resources safe for their users.

  • Our incredible team at Menlo Security who are highly dedicated to our mission and work every day to create and deliver a service that provides real value to our customers.

We’ve come a long way, and today is just the beginning.  We look forward to innovating further as we grow and develop.

For more information on the launch news, check out the press release here.

Here’s to a new vision for security!


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