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Amazon Web Services

Menlo Security and AWS

Menlo Security’s cloud-based isolation platform powered by AWS protects against web and email-based threats.

Your Zero Trust strategy starts with the Menlo Cloud Security Platform powered by an Isolation Core™ on AWS.

Threat actors know your playbook. That’s why they’re using Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) to easily sneak past your security stack. A detect and respond approach is no longer enough. Prevention is the key to stopping evasive threats.

No more ransomware.

Prevent ransomware, malware and other evasive threats targeted the web browser.

Work anywhere, access anything.

Hybrid work, work from home, SaaS applications; no matter the scenario the data and users are protected, always.

Enhanced security with scalability.

A Zero Trust approach that requires no endpoint software, aligns with your existing security stack and scales with your fluctuating workforce or customer needs.

Seamless end user experience.

No choppy, pixelated connection. Just seamless and secure browsing.

Increased productivity and searches.

No restrictions on how, when, or where you search, or where you go – resulting in limitless productivity.

Bandwidth optimization.

The isolate all approach provides improved bandwidth since documents can be viewed safely without downloading.

Determine if your organization is susceptible to HEAT attacks today.

We operate at massive scale and STOP threats in their tracks.


We continue to scale our coverage. Sessions have more than tripled in the past year.

Isolated Sessions/Day

We operate at massive scale. Each daily isolated session represents an individual user and an opportunity to stop a malicious threat.

Over 50%
Malicious attacks from HEAT

Of the attacks prevented by Menlo Cloud Security, over 50% showed HEAT characteristics.

Trusted by the most
security-conscious organizations.

A proven leader in Department of Defense

Menlo Security is now officially FedRAMP® Authorized, but we aren’t new here. We’ve got a long-standing track record with the government. In fact, the DoD has trusted Menlo for Cloud-Based Internet Isolation (CBII) for years. Here’s the scoop:

DoD solves security challenges for millions of users with Menlo Security

The Challenge

Imperfect Security

  • Web browser is the biggest threat vector
  • Slow web experience
  • Increasing costs to maintain on-prem security
  • Bandwidth challenges and growing download and backhaul costs

The Results:

Improved web experience

Bypassed legacy security infrastructure, transparent to users.

Provided noticeable cost savings

Eliminated need for on-premises legacy proxies (isolation + SWG).

Delivered complete visibility

Supported SSL inspection and DLP integration.

Increased remote worker protection

Created virtual air gap to keep malware off user devices.

Provided huge bandwidth savings

Routed non-mission traffic through cloud platform + bandwidth-limiting controls.

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Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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