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A New Menlo Security White Paper

Adaptive Clientless Rendering: A Practical Solution to Browser Isolation

Download this white paper to learn more about Menlo Security’s patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR), the core technology used in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP).

ACR is a clear departure from traditional pixel remoting technology. It combines a web-based delivery vehicle with a greater understanding of the isolated page to simultaneously enable clientless deployment and a native user-experience. Read this white paper to learn more.



About Menlo Security

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyber attack by eliminating the threat of malware from Web and email. Menlo Security’s cloud-based Isolation Platform easily scales to provide comprehensive protection across organizations of any size without requiring end point software or impacting end user experience. Find out more at menlosecurity.com.

Download White Paper


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